Wynn Bullock

I just found my books on Wynn Bullock. They are filled with his beautiful images, but very little information. Thank goodness we have the internet!

I first saw Bullock’s work in a gallery many years ago. The work was stunning–wonderfully quiet images with velvety tones and very pleasing details and textures. The prints were not very large, which added to the stillness of the compositions.

Who was this photographer? Where did he come from? The library had no books and the internet was still a novelty. The book I purchased at the exhibit had little biographical info. It wasn’t until recently I learned more about Wynn Bullock. Thanks to his website I was able to learn about and see his color light abstractions. This work was very innovative for the time.

Introduce yourself to Wynn Bullock and his beautiful images. Some contain nudity–you have been warned!


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