Skies, Shadows and HDR

HDR–high dynamic range. Even if this is the first time you’ve seen these words, you’ve run into it. It’s the scene with the dramatic sky above a beautiful building in shade. It’s the landscape where the light is coming from behind. It’s the white puffy clouds above a deep green field. It’s that great image that never seems to turn out just right.

A scene with a high dynamic range has areas that are so bright and so dark that the camera can not resolve them in one frame. If the ground looks great, the sky is washed out. If the sky is stunning, the ground might be too dark. We’ve all been there!

I’ve been reading about HDR and solutions to the contrast problem is scenes and even experimenting with some images. It’s tricky finding just the right setting. You take a few pictures of the same scene at different exposures–a tripod helps keep the scene lined up. Then you can use Photoshop or another program to merge the tones between the images to create something closer to what you saw. There might be some extra drama created by the all the tones created!

Photoshop seems to work very well, but I’m happiest with the app I got for my iPhone. Of course! I’ve learned to avoid a completely washed out image. I’m hoping to find something like it for the laptop. Any suggestions?

The image from the Vatican were with my Nikon and the rainy day in Sorrento from my iPhone. The first image in each series is the final HDR image and the other the source images. I’m a geek that way!


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