Washington Coast

Back to the trip to Seattle and Washington state in 2005. After I dropped my friend at the airport I drove out to the Olympic Peninsula to see the mountains and the coast. I put a decent amount of miles on the rental car!

The time on the coast was amazing and powerful. I’m used to beaches in the east with sun,waves, people and boardwalks. Rialto Beach and Second Beach on the Washington coast are completely different. The days I was there, the sea was rolling and the coast socked in with clouds and fog. It was cool and misting. Bleached beach logs–entire trees really–lined the space where the sand met the forest. There were signs everywhere warning against playing on the shifting logs. Tents were set up in cul-de-sacs created by the log piles. You could smell the damp smoke from their campfires. People were in shorts and rain coats–no bikinis at this beach. The walk in to the beaches was deceptive–it was sunny and hot where the car was parked.

Visually, I was intrigued by the color–mostly the perceived lack of it because of the fog. The sea disappeared into the fog and the landscape emerged from it. Just when your eyes get used to this nearly monochromatic scene the colorful sea creatures appear on the rocks at your feet.


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  1. Oh, misty days are so wonderful, so atmospheric……….. and well captured. These are very nice……

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