Just Take the Picture

I recently returned from a family trip to Italy. There are plenty of photos to sort, mine and my mom’s. We both like taking photos and this was her dream trip so she did a good job recording it. She and I took the same approach and just took the picture. Signs, food, shadows, whatever, we both aimed the camera and took the picture.

It’s interesting how people approach photography. I’ve run into and taught folks who were shy about taking pictures. There are many reasons for the shyness, but the two biggest are expectation and embarrassment. When photos of something do not match expectation it’s disappointing. Other times the photographer feels self conscious taking a photo of something or they’re convinced it won’t look good. They talk themselves out of the photo. Some people are not interested in taking photos of everything, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I say just take the picture (the photo cheerleader!). Every image has value and is important. There is a reason the shutter was released. Yes, there will be editing and not every photo is shown but having the option is better than not. A photo is a gateway to a story, a memory trigger or just a fun moment.

And don’t be afraid to show me your vacation photos just because I have a degree.  I hear that quite a bit. I take vacation pictures too, I promise!


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