Artsy Fartsy

Someone I work with is exhibiting her work at a local market. She is just about to graduate from high school. I started talking about photography with her. I figured she must have a reasonably deep interest if she took the time to organize an exhibit. Well, the opposite was true. She wasn’t that ‘into it’ and did it because an instructor kept suggesting it. She showed me a photo of the images on the wall–some were pretty good, from what I could tell.

It’s interesting what motivates people. She took the photos and must have seen something in them, but felt more compelled by her instructor to show them. But then she put obvious effort into the display–they were neatly matted and hung. She was a little embarrassed that her one vertical image did not fit that well.

I didn’t want to get too deep into it just then, but I wondered if she really, truly wasn’t that interested in photography–or if this was a ‘I care but don’t want to act like I care’ situation. When I was teaching, there were plenty of times students thought they needed to work to please me. It’s more important that a student feels connected to their work on their own terms. Everyone has to do what works for them.

She took a look at this blog and deemed it ‘artsy fartsy’. I’ll own that with pride!


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