Travel with a Holga and a DSLR

The Holga comes with me when I travel. I enjoy the instant gratification of my digital SLR but really adore the personality of the Holga. I’ve carried it places where the larger camera would not be practical. It’s gone with me to dusty and watery locations. The shutter on my first Holga instantly corroded after a paddle on the Chesapeake Bay. The less expensive camera (but just as valuable) goes on more precarious adventures.

I have to admit, some of my Holga images are duplicates of images made with my DSLR. The repetition is a creative precaution–what might these images become? Fine art prints from negatives or a digital montage–or both?  When will I be back here (if ever?)?  The DSLR is instant gratification during the trip as well as afterwards–I can post and email digital images faster than I can process, scan and edit the Holga film. Sometimes there isn’t time to use both cameras.  And sometimes I’m just taking vacation pictures!

When I grab my camera–or cameras–I often have an idea and a look in mind. That usually determines what camera goes along. When traveling–or anytime the subject matter is unknown–I bring all the tools I think I may need.

Here are some images from a 2010 trip to Colorado–I’ll post more some other time. These are subjects taken with both cameras. It is still interesting to me to see what visual triggers make an image work. Is the color an asset or a distraction? When is Holga too ‘Holga’?


One reply to “Travel with a Holga and a DSLR

  1. I really like the contrasting photo styles. You’re so right, the Holga has so much personality, shooting with it is addictive.

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