Ray K. Metzker

Grad school was filled with stories most told by my mentor, Jerry Lake. His stories could be deep with meaning, rich with humor… or both all at once. We made him repeat this story over and over again. It’s punch line… well, you will see! I wish I could tell this story as well as Jerry.

Jerry was (perpetually?) building a house in the woods by the Maryland boarder–we called it his great ‘performance piece’. Ray K. Metzker in town as a visiting artist for GWU in the 1970’s and he stayed with Jerry for a month or three.

What do great photographers do when with their free time? Talk about photography and install drywall. Of course!

Jerry recruited Ray to help him install a large piece of drywall over a staircase. It was a precarious and tricky location–definitely a task for two people. They’ve got the piece up and Jerry is holding it in place while he secures it. He hears Metzker say, “the light is right” but stays focused on the drywall. He turns to ask Metzker for a tool… but Metzker is gone. He had grabbed his camera and was off making photos around Jerry’s property for a few hours. When the light changed, he returned to help some more. Jerry assures us he was never in any danger!

“The light is right” became our grad school motto.


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