Lee Miller

A paper was due in my undergratuate photo class the the topic was up to us. I had just learned about Margaret Bourke-White and thought her work was amazing. She had no fear either. The paper topic would be about her and her work in World War II. Women war photographers were new to me. Then my photo instructor told me Margaret wasn’t the only women photographer in WWII. Well then I’ll have to write about them all!

The paper ended up being about three of the women–Margaret Bourke-White, Constance Stuart Larrabee and Lee Miller. My heartfelt apologies to the rest, but the paper was only to be 5 pages!

If Lee Miller were alive today she would have a Holga, an iPhone and use Hipstamatic. Her photography, when not in a war zone, is playful. The compositions are thoughtful and inviting. Her sense of humor is apparent in her work. I think she liked to experiment with framing for humor and impact.

Lee Miller liked an adventure and she liked to travel. She modeled and dated Man Ray. Picasso called her friend. She convinced British Vogue to write about the war in its pages. She was one of the first photographers at the concentration camps.

Her work is creative, bold and brave.


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