Turkey: Kas

Another bus–this time during the day. There was not a night bus to take me to Kas. Located along the Mediterranean, Kas was more of a resort town. There were plenty of ancient sites to see–but the beaches and restaurants were more of a draw. The Lycian Way pass through town as well. The atmosphere was a little more relaxed here because of the daily invasion of tourists from the cruise ships. More people were wearing shorts–they were here to recreate not to visit mosques.

The draw for me was the chance to kayak over ruins and on the Mediterranean. After a quick lesson, our 12 boats headed out across a bay to the sunken archeological sites. The former town was called Kekova-Simena. The guides told us that the bay was created by an earthquake which sunk the city into the blue water. We paddled over homes and foundations–the boats at about the second level or roof depending on the house. We took a break at a beach with more ruins and a boat selling ice cream and soda. On the way back we stopped at the castle on the hill and saw the sarcophagi of the ancient Lycians. We were able to float by more sarcophagi sitting just above the water–probably another former hill.

The wind whipped up some choppy water, which I thought was fun–so did the lead guide. The folks who tipped into the water weren’t excited. I’m sure the cool water helped their hangovers!


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