Finding the unique in the familiar

Friend Ashby and I were discussing Dylan lyrics when we tripped upon this phrase: finding the unique in the familiar. Not an original idea, but worth revisiting.

My photo students often struggled with subject matter. They felt stifled because their lives were locked to campus and campus did not inspired them.  Traveling even across town was difficult with their responsibilities. At least twice a semester I had to give them a pep talk. There is something here to photograph, you just have to be willing to see it. Or make it. And they did.

We all get the itch to put ourselves someplace new or exotic to feed on a visual feast–maybe the Grand Tetons, New York City, Turkey or that small town that still has a phone booth.  But we can’t limit ourselves to waiting for the next trip. ‘Photo worthy’ is around us every day.  And every image doesn’t have to be an award winning shot.


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