After grad school I was still running around with my big camera and spot meter. These images are from Virginia and Maine. They are printed on silver gelatin paper, sized 20″ x 24″. They are physically large, but very quiet. I am always revisiting this sort of work.

Here is a short artist statement:

These images record the silent observers within the natural world.  Trees, rocks and water seem to possess unshared wisdom from eras long past. They observe without judgment and without sharing their secrets. My intention is to use the textures and light to illustrate these meditations. Jack Kerouac’s character Japhy Ryder said in Dharma Bums, “Think of the patience, hundreds of thousands of years just sittin’ there bein’ perfectly silent and like praying for all living creatures in that silence and just waitin’ for us to stop all our frettin’ and foolin’.”


About Vickie

I wasn't always a morning person.

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