Holga Firsts

When I was in grad school we learned to control our exposures with the Zone System. We all had spot meters and medium to large format cameras. It was a fantastic time to learn how all the gear and materials really worked while making images. One of us would hear about a process (Carbon Printing! Gum Printing!) and we would run to the library to learn about it and start calling to find where to buy supplies. This was before everything was on the internet. No Wikipedia–only Gelman Library!

After grad school I bought my first Holga–the complete opposite of control! Anyone shooting with a Holga knows that is not entirely true–you can get used to how it works and predict what will happen. It just takes a few rolls to get the bugs out.

These three images are my first successes with my first Holga. I took that particular Holga kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay and the briny water instantly corroded the shutter mechanism. I replaced it with another Holga but didn’t throw my first one out. Now it’s a dedicated Bulb Holga.


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