Breakfast with Harvey Carter

Someone I know just learned that his mentor and friend passed away. Harvey Carter died at 81 (or 83) years old and he leaves an amazing legacy.

In 2009 I was in Colorado with that friend, Ashby Robertson, for some climbing and touring around. Ashby hadn’t seen Harvey in a few years. They climbed together for years when Ashby lived in Colorado. One morning we went to Harvey’s favorite cafe in Manitou Springs to try to run into him. Harvey didn’t know Ashby would be there and Ashby wasn’t sure Harvey would get breakfast there that morning. The old man walked in, Ashby approached him and the rest of the morning was spent catching up and reminiscing.

Ashby asked me to take a photo of the two of them, but I couldn’t help myself and photographed most of their conversation.

Read about Harvey at Stewart Green’s Climbing Blog on


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One comment

  1. ac robertson

    Nice pictures! Harvey was one of a kind.

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